Trading for a T206 Honus Wagner

I didn’t get many cards in 2022, and frankly, I’m sick and tired of not having a T206 Wagner, aren’t you?  LOL!

I’ve always been intrigued by the story of the person who traded a paperclip up and up and up until getting a house.

True, I know that a T206 Wagner would be equivalent to trading for an entire neighborhood in some areas, but I really have been wanting to do something crazy. In my collecting world, it simply doesn’t get any crazier.

So, in case the title wasn’t clear, I’m going to start with something small, and attempt to trade it up to a T206 Honus Wagner.

This site will serve as a trade log and journal! You can track my progress here.

Here’s what we are going to start off with – a copy of the first card I ever remember pulling, the 1987 Topps Jose Canseco rookie cup card!

I have also embossed it with my logo …

If you want to get involved, shoot me an email or on twitter @tanmanbbfan – to view what I currently have available / the progress I’ve made, you can go here.

PS, please consider picking up a copy of my book, Confessions of a Baseball Card Addict, ok? Thanks!